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Appearance of the Muha-Muha Alien!

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A Mischievous Unicorn! Season 8 Sweet Worm Surprise

Appearance of the Muha-Muha Alien!

The Muhamuha Alien

Episode Number: 204

First Airdates

June 11, 2004
North America
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Plot Summary

Otome's crew idolizes Hero-Ham after he saves Lion and Bear. But then they want him to help them get revenge on the Ham-Hams for messing up their Art Cove in Episode 202 by attacking the Jewelry House. So Hero-Ham makes up a lie that there is a monster in the Jewelry House so Otome's crew will stay away from it and leave the Ham-Hams alone.






Reference Episodes

It's Art, Otome's Crew!

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