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A Home for Hamtaro & Other Stories


Book Series
The Adventures of Hamtaro
Publication Date
April 23rd 2003

A Home for Hamtaro & Other Stories is the first and original book that started the Hamtaro series.


"Little hamsters — big adventures!" is the tagline for Japan’s most popular children’s series. The little hamsters are Hamtaro and his pals, the Ham-Ham Gang; and in this first of a four-book series, the full color adventures take the gang and their "adopted" owner Laura in and out of all kinds of scrapes. Hamtaro is all too happy to help Laura and her family solve their problems but sometimes gets off track when it comes to problems of his own!



I have converted the book into a .epub meaning that it works on eBook readers! If you don't own one, you can download an app for your mobile device or run Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions.

To download the book, CLICK HERE.

~ All rights are reserved to VIZ Media, Ritsuko Kawai and any distributors of the book.

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